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Teal is the new Orange - Teal Pumpkins

Food Allergies Halloween Teal Pumpkin Project Trick or Treat

Teal is the New Orange- (updated post for 2016)   In pumpkins that is…  Photo credit: @lifeonemeraldlane via Instagram.    The Teal Pumpkin Project is in its third year in the US. The idea is that households place a teal coloured pumpkin outside their house on Halloween if there are allergy- friendly goodies on offer to trick or treaters. The Teal pumpkin project is the brainchild of FARE at in the US. In 2014 50 states and 7 nations took part, with an impressive 100,000 households expected this year. The idea is catching on here in the UK too...

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jelly beans new product sweets vegan

We are thrilled to now be stocking YumEarth Sour Beans in the UK.   These are VEGAN being free from Shellac and free from colours such as Cochineal ( as well as any other animal based product of course) All colours and flavours are natural. (Please note these sweets are not organic at this time). They are free from Palm Oil too and so these really are a guilt free snack!  For allergy sufferers, these Beans are free from the 14 allergens too and so are: Nut free Milk free Egg free Soya free Gluten free Sold in bags of...

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YumEarth makes the last day of term so sweet!

YumEarth organic lollipop tins make the perfect gift for teachers on the last day of term! They are a low risk option as not only do they taste gorgeous but being vegan, organic, free from the 14 common allergens, gluten free, kosher parve certified, and made with unrefined sugars, they are likely to be a very welcome present! Stuffed full with 50 lollipops in 8 different  mouthwatering flavours, including Wet Face Watermelon, Mango Tango, Pomegranate Pucker and Perfectly Peach, the tins also have a stylish popart design that won't disappoint. Click on this link to buy a gift tin...... And if...

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Love them or hate them there’s no denying that all things Kardashian have a huge influence on popular trends both in the UK and in the USA.   Whether its Kim Kardashian or #kimk , Kourtney, Kendall , Kanye West or North Kardashian West the family have more traction on social media and attract more column inches than most other current personalities or celebrities in the mass media.     At Better Little Treats we were thrilled to read that Kim Kardashian includes YumEarth lollipops in her bag-   Kourtney restricts dairy and gluten from her diet and eats...

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Read about us on Vegan Womble !

Big thanks to the blogger Vegan Womble for featuring our sweets on her blog :)  Read here:    

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