FAQs – Better Little Treats


Are the YumEarth products you sell Certified Organic?

YES! This means that the products have undergone rigorous checks to ensure all ingredients, manufacturing, transportation and storage adheres to Organic Standards. As we are certified Organic at least 95% of the ingredients found in our products are Organic. YumEarth, as an American company, has been certified by the USDA, and this certification is equivalent to the EU organic standards.

The only non-organic product we currently carry is the YumEarth Sour Beans. These are, however, all natural and are also free from the 14 common allergens as the organic lines are.

As a distributor, Better Little Treats have been certified by Organic Farmers and Growers. 

Can I buy the YumEarth products at my local shop?

YumEarth products are stocked at Whole Foods Market stores in the UK as well as a growing number of independent health food stores. You can also purchase YumEarth products online at this website and we are constantly looking for new outlets to make our delicious products available to as wide an audience as possible!

Will there be any other products in your range?

YES! We are, as we type, scouring yes SCOURING the land for more lines we know you will love. All our products will be better for you than the average snack- meaning we do our best to eliminate those E numbers and excess sugar.