REVIEWS – Better Little Treats


We have loved showcasing and sampling the YumEarth range at shows and exhibitions such as the Allergy and Free From Show. We know that the really fantastic thing about our lollies is the taste - and that's the most important thing too, right?

Don't just take our word for it- here's what others have to say too


"Thank u! Thanks to you my almost 4 year old daughter ate her first safe lolly! (Teary eyed mummy)"

U Arwa - Facebook

"I've been eating these rather sparingly as they're so yummy, my favourite is definitely the 'Pomegranate Pucker', followed closely by the by the 'Wet Face Watermelon.' You can order online and if you have an allergy or not, these are well worth their money, full of flavour until the end (whereas some lollies seem to loose flavour half way through don't they?) and are pretty guilt free as they're free from pretty much everything- winning! I have a few plane rides coming up, so I think I will order some of the, 'Pomegranate Pucker Sweets' for my travels to stop those pesky ear pops!"

"I'm conscious of what 'sweet treats' I give my son. This brand fits our needs - he gets to enjoy a natural sweet which actually tastes of fruit rather than a highly refined and dyed imitation. YUM!!!!!"

K McCartney- Facebook

@YumEarthUK thank you my lil ladys first taste of a lolly today and she can not stop raving about them!

from @iMuslimah2010

"Just tried the watermelon lollies, yum! And fill of vitamin c too, yay!;the hubby loves the pomegranate flavour and the boys live all the flavours because they're lollies but especially like strawberry and watermelon!"
L Wallace- Facebook
"Loved the lollipops. Can't wait to try all the flavours"
A Lythgoe- Facebook